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From early westward expansion through the early 20th Century.

Things been a bit slow around 'town' for a spell now. Seems like folks been busy with work, chores around the homestead, shopping, arguing with the Misses, just being lazy or off on other pursuits. May haps could be some is stuck out at the line shack, been throwed from their horse and healing busted ribs and soothing bruises, dodging sidewinders, bushwhackers, ex-old flames or any other number of excuses.

Even though things is slow here abouts, there  has been some meaningful activity taking place behind the "Batwings" along the boardwalks. Case in point; Dirt has been roaming the country side up to Mogollon and sparking delight from "Boots" with photos of his adventurous treks around Old mines and such. Thanks for letting us ride a long.

Cutting to the chase, I'd just like to say that we have our own Old Mine right here. Had my 9 year old grandson crawl down into the dusty shafts and tunnels of the SOTOW achieves today, digging up past posts, while doing research for a 4th grade school report that is due next week before he begins the youthful pleasures of building summer memories. Wonder how many others have done research here that we don't know of? Bet there is at least a handful. 

So if one thinks that all we have done here at SOTOW by posting blogs and discussions, sharing comments and providing constructive feed back, and yes at times critical comments, is all for "naught", well it's not. We've got the Mother Lode right here at home, in the pages of Old West History, in a place called SOTOW.  

Just my two bits.  

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Comment by dirtrider on May 27, 2013 at 6:52am

Dadgum straight, Carbine.

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