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From early westward expansion through the early 20th Century.

I wanted to let you know we've made a minor change to the Main Page by decreasing the blogs and increasing the discussion topics.


We have a couple of technical glitches with the blogs.  Ning has set them to a "must be pre-approved" mode that makes posting a blog a pain in the butt for most of you, and I am unable to change that setting.  The other issue is that once a blog falls off the Main Page it's gone, and adding a new comment will not put the blog back on the Main Page.  In fact, from time to time we go back into the archives and delete blog posts that are over six months old.  Therefore we recommend using the blogs section for time sensitive messages, such as announcements of upcoming events, birthday or holiday wishes, posts about your vacation to Tombstone, a question about a project you're involved with, and so on.


The discussion forum is more user friendly.  Any member start a discussion post, and, once archived, they can be revived and will automatically reappear back on the Main Page when a new comment is posted.  We recommend using the discussion forum for historical and historical related topics, and we have a wide range of categories, such as Early Pioneers, The Civil War, Western Cooking and Cuisine, and The Pony Express, which is our miscellaneous category.


So I guess we must be doing something right because we're hearing few, if any, complaints.  While the daily activity ebbs and flows we've noticed that overall the level of participation is very good, especially when you consider this is a relatively small forum.  We also want to encourage those of you who are readers only to jump in and post.  This is a very user-friendly forum and we don't allow any trolls. 









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Comment by dirtrider on January 12, 2011 at 8:57pm
Dang, Carbine, y'all use prettier wurds then a 20.00 lady of the evenin................
Comment by Carbine on January 12, 2011 at 8:47pm
I take it that if I tie my horse up to a "Hitchin' Post" thats  a blog cuz we aint stickin' around but for a short time; like asking for directions or picking up a gallon of milk. Now on the other hand when I stable my horse over at the Corral that means wez goin' to be around for awhile and can discuss past events, people, places etc and share some history and maybe swap recipes......
Comment by Gayle Martin on January 12, 2011 at 10:33am
You're right about that one, Aurora.  I started SOTOW as an alternative to those other forums, and we've had many members who've come here because they find this a safer place to post and they feel more at home here.  Of course the trolls we kick off go back to those forums and complain, but that simply goes to prove that we don't tolerate bad behavior here.

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