Society of the Old West

From early westward expansion through the early 20th Century.

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Used to be back in the day when a handshake or a verbal agreement sealed the deal. Is such still possible today? Shake of a hand meant  'I'll do the best I can for you Boss- don't matter if I"m riding for $ 40 and found. I will do all I can. And if its wrong I'll make it right",

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Wes Studi

What do Geronimo, Red Cloud and Black Kettle have in common? They've all been portrayed by  Cherokee actor Wes Strudi. The actor has appeared in over 50 film and TV roles including Dances with Wolves, Crazy Horse, Into the West and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

Studi was born on December 17, 1947 in Norfire Hollow, Oklahoma. Drafted into the US Army in 1967 he served 18 months with the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam.…


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Walter Brennan

Judge Roy Bean, Old Man Clanton and Amos McCoy. Walter Brennan played them all. The Westerner, My Darling Clementine, The Real McCoys are just a few of the nearly 240 roles Walter appeared in. He had roles in over 50 Westerns. Some of those noteable pictures included Red River and Rio Bravo when he starred with John Wayne. Who can ever forget the "Grumpy" cook on that trail drive in Red River?. Or that "gimp" that Stumpy had in Rio Bravo plus he had a helluva arm when it came to…


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Buck Taylor

Buck Taylor, aka; Newly O'Brien, of Gunsmoke fame was born on this date in 1938. His father was also a well known character actor - Dub Taylor.

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Glenn Ford

Perhaps one of the best actors never to be nominated for an Oscar was born on this date in 1916. He is quoted as saying "The Western is a man's world and I love it".

He appeared in 107 titles during his career in which 27 of them were westerns. He was outlaw leader Ben Wade in the original 3:10 to Yuma. He was George Temple in the "Fastest Gun Alive". In later years he…


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Arthur Hunnicutt

He often played "Oldtimers" and Frontiersmen - actor Arthur Hunnicutt was born on this day in Gravelly Arkansas. Aspiring to be a teacher he attended Arkansas Teachers College but dropped out due to lack of funds during the great depression. He went back east and took up acting appearing on stage for several years and then moved west to Hollywood California.



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Dragoon Revolvers

Anyone have any historical info about the Dragoons? I understand they were heavy revolvers used during the Civil War and were carried west by the veterans after the conflict (if I remember right). Were they converted to fire cartridges? And what was a "Baby Dragoon?"

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