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Daniel Crockett vs Davy Boone?

I know that isn't true to history but neither did Hollywood get it right concerning these popular folk heroes! Both men served in their states General assemblies; Davy Crockett did three terms in Tennessee and Daniel Boone also did three terms in Virginia.

Both were labeled as frontiersmen; Boone is credited as being the founder of Westward expansion and opened the Wilderness Road into Kentucky paving the way for settlement.…


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Cowboys & Indians

Remember when we were all kids and we'd go out and play Cowboys & Indians? Good guys and bad guys - outlaw and Marshal? Cochise or Tom Jeffords reenacting "Broken Arrow". Then we got a bit older and seriously studied the history of the Old West?  SOTOW came along and we shared our knowledge of the tales, lore, people and adventures that we learned of during that exciting period? 

Our heroes were John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Richard Widmark - Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie along with Lucas…


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Andrew V. McLaglen 1920-2014

He brought us such classics as "McClintock!, The Undefeated, Cahill - US Marshal, & Hellfighters." He also directed over 90 episodes of Gunsmoke (starring James Arness, the longest running Western on TV, 116 Have Gun Will Travel, with Richard Boone portraying Paladin, and a handful of Rawhide episodes featuring a Cowboy named Rowdy Yates whom we now know as Clint Eastwood.

One of his last major works was 1982's epic mini - series "The Blue and the Grey" with Gregory Peck appearing…


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Rattler's & Bib Front Shirt's

I know some of you have been spending a lot of time down on the creek under the shade of a Cottonwood, with a cane pole in one hand and a sippin' jug in the other, but did you ever give thought to them slithering rattler's that can get your attention in a hurry?

I've crossed path's with them a time or two, mainly sunning on a rock but have dealt with them on creek banks too, but just come to realize them Rattler's that are on the Gadsden flag, more commonly known as the "Don't Tread…


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Lonesome Dove

Woodrow Call & Augustus McCrae. It was 25 years ago this week that the two former Texas Rangers became household names. The mini series held viewers spellbound for four consecutive nights from Sunday February 5 thru Wednesday February 8, 1989. Thanks to Larry McMurtry for his 945 page novel and giving us a classic - Lonesome Dove.


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A Sweet Western Romance

As most of you already know, I've switched writing genres and I'm now writing contemporary romance. To that end, I rent a lot of romance movies on Netflix. I watched one last night that also happened to be a western. It was made in 2003 for the Hallmark Channel, and it's called, Love Comes Softly.

Love Comes Softly is the story of a young bride who comes west with her husband. No sooner do they arrive and he is accidentally killed. She's left on her own with…


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The New Lone Ranger Movie

Yesterday I read quite a blog review of the new Lone Ranger movie, and I can sum it up in one sentence. Don't waste your hard-earned money. I knew something was up when they cast Johnny Depp as Tonto, as opposed to a Native American actor. Granted, I like Johnny Depp. He's a fine actor, but he's known for playing eccentric characters, and according to what I'm reading, this interpretation of Tonto isn't just eccentric, it's downright bizarre. Tonto is a few bricks short of a load…


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Senior Moments and Feedback Needed

Sorry I haven't been around--busy with that trying to earn a living thing. Then I couldn't remember my user name to log back into Ning... Senior moments. I seem to have them more than usual these days.

Meantime I need some feedback...

I published my last Luke and Jenny book back in 2010, and decided to leave it as a trilogy. I covered a good bit of historical material--the Earps and the O.K. Corral, Billy the Kid, and Frank and Jesse James. For those who are…


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Not, all for Naught....

Things been a bit slow around 'town' for a spell now. Seems like folks been busy with work, chores around the homestead, shopping, arguing with the Misses, just being lazy or off on other pursuits. May haps could be some is stuck out at the line shack, been throwed from their horse and healing busted ribs and soothing bruises, dodging sidewinders, bushwhackers, ex-old flames or any other number of excuses.

Even though things is slow here abouts, there  has been some meaningful…


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1888 & 2012

Due to the storm back east the most recent event has caused the NYSE to close for two consecitive days. This is the first time that has occurred since 1888. Didn't they have severe winter storms that year in the west, most notably Wyoming and Idaho that wiped out vast herds of cattle and wildlife?

I could be off by a year or two. Mother nature and history seem to have a way of repeating themselves.

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The High Chaparral

The High Chaparral, a western series that hasn't been seen on TV in years, makes its return next Saturday September 15th on INSP TV. A 12 hour marathon of the popular program begins at 1 pm eastern time. A couple of weeks later, starting Saturday September 29th, The High Chaparral will become part of INSP TV "Saddle Up Saturdays" line up which includes such westerns as The Virginian, Bonanza and Dr. Quinn-Medicine Woman.…


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Used to be back in the day when a handshake or a verbal agreement sealed the deal. Is such still possible today? Shake of a hand meant  'I'll do the best I can for you Boss- don't matter if I"m riding for $ 40 and found. I will do all I can. And if its wrong I'll make it right",

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Phishing Scam

Hi All:

Just wanted to give you all a quick head's up about a possible phishing scam.

If you should by chance receive any emails about paying dues to keep the SOTOW site up--DO NOT respond.  It is not legit.  The only person who has to pay any money to keep…


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Wes Studi

What do Geronimo, Red Cloud and Black Kettle have in common? They've all been portrayed by  Cherokee actor Wes Strudi. The actor has appeared in over 50 film and TV roles including Dances with Wolves, Crazy Horse, Into the West and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

Studi was born on December 17, 1947 in Norfire Hollow, Oklahoma. Drafted into the US Army in 1967 he served 18 months with the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam.…


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Jesse James Stigma???

I've noticed something odd about my Jesse James book.  It simply hasn't been as well received as my other two titles, and it's left me scratching my head wondering why.


I've entered all three of my titles in various literary competitions over the years, and my first two books, on the O.K. Corral and Billy the Kid, did well.  While neither…


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Walter Brennan

Judge Roy Bean, Old Man Clanton and Amos McCoy. Walter Brennan played them all. The Westerner, My Darling Clementine, The Real McCoys are just a few of the nearly 240 roles Walter appeared in. He had roles in over 50 Westerns. Some of those noteable pictures included Red River and Rio Bravo when he starred with John Wayne. Who can ever forget the "Grumpy" cook on that trail drive in Red River?. Or that "gimp" that Stumpy had in Rio Bravo plus he had a helluva arm when it came to…


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Buck Taylor

Buck Taylor, aka; Newly O'Brien, of Gunsmoke fame was born on this date in 1938. His father was also a well known character actor - Dub Taylor.

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Glenn Ford

Perhaps one of the best actors never to be nominated for an Oscar was born on this date in 1916. He is quoted as saying "The Western is a man's world and I love it".

He appeared in 107 titles during his career in which 27 of them were westerns. He was outlaw leader Ben Wade in the original 3:10 to Yuma. He was George Temple in the "Fastest Gun Alive". In later years he…


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Period Attire--There is a Proper Time and Place

I still vividly recall one of the first lessons taught in my very first high school drama class.  It was that actors who wear their costumes and stage make-up outside the theater are considered rank amateurs.  Apparently, being called an, "amateur," is about the lowest insult an actor could ever receive.


That lesson always stayed…


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Arthur Hunnicutt

He often played "Oldtimers" and Frontiersmen - actor Arthur Hunnicutt was born on this day in Gravelly Arkansas. Aspiring to be a teacher he attended Arkansas Teachers College but dropped out due to lack of funds during the great depression. He went back east and took up acting appearing on stage for several years and then moved west to Hollywood California.



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