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What's the best Cavalry movie? I can name several just for starters-not necessarily in order;

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon; Directed by John Ford, starring John Wayne

Fort Apache; Directed by John Ford, Starring Henry Fonda, John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara

Buffalo Soldier's; starring Danny Glover (and I think produced and directed by him)

Ulzana's Raid; starring Burt Lancaster

Other's come to mind such as; Son of Morning Star (George Custer), Dances with Wolves (Kevin Costner), Geronimo; an American Legend (Matt Damon, Gene Hackman, Wes Strudie, and Robert Duvall). And add to the mix The Horse Soldiers, again starring John Wayne, and don't forget Sergeant Rutledge with Jeffery Hunter and Woodie Strode.

Constance Towers appeared in both The Horse Soldiers and Sergeant Rutledge. She had stunning performance's in both films.

All are entertaining classics but lack, to some degree, historical accuracy. My favorite- (putting my neck in a noose here); it's a hard choice but I have to go with Geronimo, An American Legend and Sergeant Rutledge. 

What say you, fellow "Arm Chair Generals?" Bring it on boy's!


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Geronimo; an American Legend simply nails so many issues, without much fanfare.  One can picture the removal of the native peoples, the brutality of both sides, the futility of resisting an unstoppable conquering, the hope  of all participants, etc.  To me, this story is most impressive, because it is quite accurate in most of its portrayal of what is truly a hero of his people.  He withstood tens of thousands with but a handful of warriors, using guerilla tactics with precision.

I couldn't agree more Milt. Most folks don't know that Geronimo was the longest held American prisoner of war, (23 years)ever held in captivity. On top of that, as far as I know (which ain't much-sometimes) the Chiricahua People were never allowed to return to Arizona- even to this day. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

You are correct, Joe.


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