Society of the Old West

From early westward expansion through the early 20th Century.

Still here, after all these years.......

It's good to see members are trickling in by one's and twos. Glad to see some old friends here and am looking forward to meeting new ones. We are a small group, compared to most, who cherish and share history of The Old West as we do our best to keep the legacies, lore and tales of The Old West alive.

It's been a struggle going from the old SOTOW to FB and back to the "new SOTOW" on ning again. It ain't been easy but I, for one, appreciate all of you staying in the saddle and riding along.

Seems like all of us have been dealing with cannon balls, minnie balls, shotgun blasts, gun smoke, bullets of all calibers, ricochets, lances, tomahawks and war clubs for the past few months. I ain't got an excuse other than I've been under the weather fighting bugs, allergies, hay fever, pets with cabin fever, foul weather, mending fence etc. etc....

There is a ton of Old West history yet to be dug up, trails to explore, old chests to open, lost mines to find, recipes and anecdotes to share around the bunk house table. 

Guess what I'm trying to say folks is I'm glad we're all here (again), spread the word, let er' rip and open the ball!

With all due respect & best regards,

Joe (aka: Carbine) 

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Comment by dirtrider on March 14, 2017 at 12:59pm

Thank you Joe.  We drove 18 miles to get a signal to thank those who are helping with this drive.

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