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From early westward expansion through the early 20th Century.

Over here in Southern California, or as we affectionately call it - SOCAL, we are deep in the throes of a four year drought. Brush is tinder dry while fires blaze closing roads and campgrounds over this long Labor Day weekend.

Nearly 30,000 firefighters are battling flames, setting back fires, keeping an eye on "widow makers" and avoiding rolling boulders while protecting lives and property throughout the west. There is no rain in sight at this time but the promise of an El Nino event this fall and winter has our hopes up. The thing is; between now and then we have the strong Santa Ana winds to look forward to come late October. These events are often devastating. Without relief in sight some of these fires may burn well into late fall and early winter.

Speaking of droughts; it appears we're in the same predicament ourselves here at SOTOW. Milt places a post about some mean hombre that goes by the handle of Ishtanubbee, or some such name, and doesn't even get a rise out of the bunkhouse or over to the line shack. I saw it - but to be honest these 50 plus hour work weeks are starting to drive me into the ground and I was to exhausted to put in my two bits.

Others have popped up here and there but the times are few and far between. Seems like it's only been a couple of hands carrying the load for the outfit. I for one, look forward to what y'all have to say as we all have a common interest in sharing the legends, tales and history of the Old West.

Things are a bit dry hereabouts and I'm hoping some of you can share a "sip from the canteen" to help keep the Old West alive here. Please mount up and put in your two bits to keep the trails open to the past which has brought us all together to begin with. Please excuse me while I step off my soapbox. I have nothing but high regards for you all.



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Comment by Carbine on September 11, 2015 at 8:28pm

Thanks to all who can be here when they can. Especially with your busy schedules as Neil has pointed out and I'm sure Jim Pettengill is on the same boat. Good luck on your latest publication Neil. The Oregon Trail is a gold mine of Old West history that some of us have over looked but I'm sure would like to learn more about.

I always look forward to Jim's latest article and travels also as they take us back on the trails of which we are so fond of. keep up the good work hombres - I appreciate all you do.

Comment by dirtrider on September 7, 2015 at 5:25am

It is difficult to maintain an attitude of sharing if we do not gather more here and less with the mundane things of life.  I think that the pursuit of things we think we need interferes with the things we actually do need.  This is a good place to share without having to travel great distances.  Yet we can go hundreds of years into the past and learn more of the foundation of our country.

Comment by Carbine on September 6, 2015 at 7:57pm

 ..... my knowledge of the Old West could probably fit into the bottom of a thimble compared to what some of you SOTOW members already know.

I know we're all busy in one way or another but I for one sure do enjoy it when you folks come out of the brush, hell bent for leather, and share some of your stories, show your cards and paint the town.

As we've always said, "grab a cup and sit by the fire - your always welcome here" ; and we look forward to what you have to say, show and tell. We all learn from each other and it's a pleasure to share the trail with you all ............


Comment by dirtrider on September 5, 2015 at 9:50pm

well said

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