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Australian Aboriginals & Native Americans

I recently watched Quigley Down Under. I've been to Australia a few times and found the folks right friendly down under - fact I even had one of the best steaks ever in some restaurant I couldn't now name to save my life (it was 1980 something).

Seems our cultures share a lot in common. They talk about Ned Kelly like we do Jesse James. They raised a bunch of cattle and so many sheep their near impossible to count. I'd wager that they still eat more mutton today then the good Ole US of A and the United Kingdom combined.

Gettin' back on the trail here - anyways, they had their share of bank robbers, cattle rustlers and horse thieves just like we did back in the Old West. Fact is, we was all experiencing monumental moments, murders, robberies and legend makers at the same time. Cutting to the chase now - fact vs. fiction, legend vs. myth -  I'm wondering if they treated the Aboriginals as we did our own Native Americans? 

Matthew Quigley (or was it Roy Cobb) did a superb job in defending the Aborigines - was that all Hollyweird hype or is there some truth to the matter that some hombre down there really stood up for them? Over on this side of the pond, as they like to say, believe it not -  our own General George Crook had the greatest intentions and aspirations to help the Apache to become self supporting and peaceful. He might have succeeded too if it weren't for Geronimo and Washington politics.   


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