Society of the Old West

From early westward expansion through the early 20th Century.

April 2015 Blog Posts (2)

Copper Plates

I know this might post date the Old West by a few decades but I think some of you might be interested in knowing about it as it happened just 20 years after Arizona became a state in 1912- it took them that long to convince Washington that most the outlaws had been tamed, jailed  or run out of the territory. Thus for your further  consideration....... 

In 1932 the state of Arizona issued vehicle license plates made of Copper. They did this for a number of reasons including to boost…


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Australian Aboriginals & Native Americans

I recently watched Quigley Down Under. I've been to Australia a few times and found the folks right friendly down under - fact I even had one of the best steaks ever in some restaurant I couldn't now name to save my life (it was 1980 something).

Seems our cultures share a lot in common. They talk about Ned Kelly like we do Jesse James. They raised a bunch of cattle and so many sheep their near impossible to count. I'd wager that they still eat more mutton today then the good Ole US of…


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