Society of the Old West

From early westward expansion through the early 20th Century.

Spring is in the air alas. Now some of us can shake off the affects of cabin fever and head for the great outdoors and have a splendid picnic to celebrate. Fire up the grill, breakout the fiddles, dance a little jig and toss some horseshoes. If your in Arizona Territory and find yourself in Apache country, like these fine folks from Camp Thomas, don't forget to bring along your rifle's.

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That is a great shot. Thanks, Carbine. 

(1876 - 1892), Fort Thomas
Originally located at Geronimo, about seven miles above Fort Goodwin (which it replaced), and named New Post on the Gila River. Renamed Camp Thomas (2) in 1876. Moved five miles upriver in 1878 to the present-day location, and redesignated as a fort in 1882. Became a subpost of Fort Grant (2) in 1890. Some of the quarters still remain in private use.


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